We offer professional repair services for PC and Mac computers to fit your budget and your needs.


Virus, Malware, and Bloatware Removal

Using state of the art tools and techniques, we can remove nearly all viruses, malware, and bloatware to restore your computer to like-new performance — or better!

Hardware Repairs

Broken screens, failed hard drives, damaged keyboards...Everything breaks eventually. We offer cost-effective repairs for your PC or Mac computer, even older machines that even the manufacturer won't touch any more.

OS Installs

Ready for a new operating system? Too many problems with your current installation and want to wipe it clean? Not a problem. We'll install and fully update your Windows or Mac computer to give you a clean slate, ready to go.

Data Transfers

Your old computer has all of your pictures, music, videos, email, Office files, and more. But your new computer is just so cool! Bring them by and we'll move it all over for you.